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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

CCC Jan 26, Carma Naylor "A Mormon's Unexpected Journey, vol. 2"

Carma Naylor
"A Mormon's Unexpected Journey, vol. 2: Finding the Grace I Never Knew"
WinePress Publ., 2010, 978-1-57921-904-8
At forty years old, Carma Naylor, a faithful, fifth-generation Mormon, became a Christian. She wrote of her experience in volume 1. In this sequel, she reveals the surprising origins of the LDS scriptures and the roadblocks that make it difficult for a Mormon to doubt Mormonism. She writes out of a genuine desire to help Mormons find freedom in Christ. 1-877-421-7323

Interview length: 28 min. Click on the book title to listen.
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