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Friday, August 24, 2012

CCC Aug 24, Nikki Arana "The Next Target"

Nikki Arana
"Next Target"
Cook, 2012, 978-0-7814-0431-0, $14.99
Would you share your faith if it would cost you your life?
It only took one bullet. Austia’s friend and student fell dead. And with a glimpse of a newspaper headline, the young and recently widowed Austia knows more about what happened than the police. From that fatal night, Austia’s secret outreach to the U.S. Muslim community—in the guise of English language classes—becomes a target. Local Muslim extremists set their sights on ending her ministry and even her life. The women she ministers to will be next. 

Interview length: 28 min. Click on the book title to listen.
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